Pork Afritada Recipe

Afritada is a Spanish influenced tomato sauce-based dishes that are somewhat similar to Mechado or Kaldereta. In these dishes meat is cooked in tomato sauce, minced garlic and onions. Afritada tends to be the given name for a dish served from chicken or pork.


1 kilo pork (cut in cubes)
1⁄2 kilo potatoes (peeled and quartered)
1 small garlic (minced)
1 big onion (diced)
1 red bell pepper (quartered)
1 green bell pepper (quartered)
2 cups stock
1 cup tomato sauce
1⁄2 cup breadcrumbs
Pinch of salt & pepper
Cooking Oil

  1. Heat Cooking Oil in a Pan. Sauté garlic and onion.
  2. Pour in the stock and tomato sauce. Bring to a boil and add in pork. 
  3. Allow simmering until pork is cooked and tender. Add in potatoes and allow cooking.
  4. Add in bell pepper and season with salt & pepper. Add in breadcrumbs and thicken sauce. 
  5. Serve hot.


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